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Bladder trouble is an issue we hear of often with older women. The exact number of affected women is difficult to determine because only a small portion of affected patients admit that they have it in the first place. If you believe you might be suffering from urinary dysfunction, set up an appointment today to speak with Dr. Stoehr.

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While you may feel hesitant to openly discuss such private aspects of your life with others, we specialize in providing personalized service to put you at ease throughout your treatment.


You can count on our experience handling a wide variety of urinary-related issues, which allows us to design a specific treatment plan to you and your individual needs.

Get personalized service

It can be easy to shake off the symptoms of a urinary dysfunction as a freak occurrence, especially if the effects are very sporadic. But it is of the utmost importance to be mindful of any potential issue and to identify and treat the symptoms as quickly as possible.

Be aware of the symptoms

Urinary dysfunction services

Urinary Dysfunction

•Incontinence Surgery

•Pelvic Prolapse Surgery

•Rectocele and Cystocele Repair

•Overactive Bladder

•Urinary Stress Incontinence

•Overflow Incontinence

•Pessary Insertion

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