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Although pregnancy can be a stressful event with occurrences you can't predict, you can get a stronger chance for a healthy and smooth pregnancy with care from Dr. Erin V. Stoehr. Our team will help you deliver a baby that is as healthy as can be.

Make sure your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible with us.

If you're having a high-risk pregnancy, get help lowering your risks at our practice. We take care of both mother and child to ensure maximum health during the whole journey.


We help manage and treat problems in mothers such as hypertension, diabetes, preeclampsia, polyhydramnios, and oligohydramnios. This will better the chances for the baby.

Lower your risks

When it comes to delivering your baby, it is an important milestone and it should happen with as little stress as possible. Schedule your appointment with us today.


When you choose Dr. Erin V. Stoehr to deliver your baby, you get expert services. She has experience in vaginal delivery, Cesarean sections, vaginal birth after Cesarean, and external cephalic version.

Deliver your baby in good hands

If you're worried about genetic defects and disorders, we can help test for them with antenatal testing, genetic screening, and in-office ultrasounds.

Screen for any possible health problems with your child

Get the best chances for carrying to term

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Obstetrics Services

•Vaginal Delivery

•Cesarean Sections

•VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)

•External Cephalic Version

•Breech Pregnancy

•High-Risk Pregnancy




•Polyhydramnios and Oligohydramnios

•Antenatal Testing

•Non-Stress Tests

•In-Office Ultrasound (Pregnancy Confirmation, Fetal Growth, AFI)

•Multiple Births (i.e. twins)

•Breast Feeding

•Genetic Screening


When receiving your in-office ultrasound, you'll be helped by our techinician with over 25 years of experience in OBGYN ultrasounds. She is registered in both OBGYN and abdomen ultrasounds with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Stenographers and our office is ultrasound accredited with the AIUM, assuring that you will get the most accurate medical information and advice in the area. With all in-office ultrasounds, Dr. Stoehr sits down with you to discuss the results that same day.

Meet our Ultrasound Technician